Choose Leo

Leo is best placed to increase support for Fine Gael and widen its electoral base. He is the candidate who will take Fine Gael forward. Leo is the change candidate. He is a winner and has a consistent record against other parties in his own constituency of Dublin West in 2011 and 2016, outpolling the other main parties in the last election by a distance. Leo will win the Dáil debates. He is a powerful communicator and media performer. He can also think on his feet. He is best placed to hold the Opposition to account at Leaders’ Questions every week and in TV debates during an election campaign. Leo has a strong record of achieving practical results in Government across three Government Departments including the two largest.

Leo came up through the ranks. He is devoted to Fine Gael and chose to join the party as a student because he shares its views and believes in its values.

He served two terms on the YFG National Executive. He served as a Constituency Organiser, Chairman and Election agent. He ran for the council in an area that he did not live in because the party needed a candidate. He has been a councillor and Deputy Mayor. Leo built and regained a seat in Dublin West where the party had none. He is determined to win our seats back in counties where we have no representation

He has always made himself available to members of the Parliamentary Party, local authorities, party members and citizens since he was appointed a Minister. He believes that leadership is about more than one person and that Fine Gael in Government should work as a team.

He is committed to continuing the good work of this Government, improving life for the people of Ireland, and delivering on the provisions of the Programme for Partnership Government and the Confidence & Supply Agreement.

Just as it is important to respect the views of others in the changed political environment it is also important that Fine Gael’s unique identity and views are articulated and advanced in Government and Leo is best placed to do this.


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